Brands Using Digital Seat

3-Step Easy Use

1. Scan

Scan Digital Seat tag on any venue seat (tags are installed on armrest or seat backs in venue).

2. Engage

Fan Portal displays upcoming events, in-seat dining, live game stats and more!

3. Enjoy

Fans are able to engage with modules in real-time during your event.

Cutting Edge Technology

Prepared for any venue. Anywhere.

Built for Fans at Any Venue...

Easy for Fans to Scan & Engage with Platform Modules

3+ Year Outdoor Lifespan + Weather & Temperature Resistant

Programmed Down to Individual Section, Row, & Seat

Built for Low-Bandwidth Environments with No App Required

Easily Distribute Exclusive Content & Promote Sponsors

Access Client Data Dashboard to View & Export Gameday Data


And hidden!

Stay in the game with real-time updates on scores and statistics, while also gaining access to a comprehensive player directory, giving you an inside look at every member of the team.

Fans can access custom team helmets, placeable 3D objects, frames, and more! Elevate the fan experience and boost brand exposure by providing social media-enabled AR experiences.

Elevate your fan experience with interactive, team-branded challenges. Win exclusive deals and prizes while competing on leaderboards against fellow fans.

Fans can quickly and easily report emergencies, medical concerns, threats, and other issues. Our custom dashboard allows you to assign incident responders in real-time. Click Here to Learn More

Browse and purchase merch and concessions without leaving the seat. Plus, enjoy the ultimate convenience with in-seat order delivery, ensuring you never miss a moment of the action!

Seamlessly purchase tickets for future games, or take your experience to the next level with seat upgrades and exclusive fan upsells. Enjoy the convenience of securing your spot in the stands.

Give fans the opportunity to win exclusive prizes! Fans can share contact information to enhance your CRM with valuable fan data and explore sponsorship opportunities.

Provide fans with a unique mobile wallet card allowing you to send unique offers and notifications to their phone in real-time (scheduling also available).

Poll fans for live voting or provide surveys for a deeper look into your audience for future marketing opportunities and data-driven decision making.

Give fans the ability to see how much they know about thier favorite team while creating friendly competition and data opportunities with leaderboards and exclusive prizes.

Engage fans with exciting scavenger hunts as they look for hidden spots to unlock AR Filters, offers, and more exclusive content around your venue.

AI Chat Bots can talk to fans about the sports, team, sponsors, and more! What would you like your AI Chat Bot to do?

Downloadable apps can be featured within the Digital Seat pllatform. Easily Link fans to their app store to download yours or your sponsors app for further interaction.
Provide fans with an easily accessible map for directions, parking, concessions, and more!
Provide fans with gameday programs to explore what their gameday holds and furture game schedules for ticket selling opportunities.



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Frequently Asked Questions

and hidden!

Our platform leverages QR codes to provide various engaging modules like micro-games, AR filters, enter-to-win contests, and more, without requiring any downloads. We also offer a real-time data collection and export dashboard for clients.

Users can access almost all modules creating an account unless account creation is requested . Some features might require user information or data collection such as participating in contests.

Clients can collect user interaction data, demographic information, contest entries, and more, all in real time. They can export this data for analysis in various formats.

Our pricing varies depending on the modules and features clients require. We offer flexible pricing plans to accommodate different needs.

There are no strict limits on the number of QR codes, but we offer scalable solutions to accommodate large-scale campaigns.

Yes, our platform is accessible from any device with a web browser, including both Android and iOS smartphones.

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