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SCHOOLS Using Digital Seat

1. SCAN QR CODE with phone

Attendees Scan QR Code on Armrests, Tents, Video Boards, and Other Collateral Using a Smart Phone

2. use graduation modules

Provide Access to Digital Programs, Graduate Lists, Memorabilia Sales, Event Information, & More!


Save Money & Reduce Error Costs with Digital Programs
Increase Graduation Sales on Memorabilia & Physical Program Orders
Distribute Custom Content to Individual Sections, Rows, & Seats
No App Required & Built for Low-Bandwidth Environments
Weather & Temperature Resistant QR Code Tags


And hidden!

Take advantage of Digital Seat’s Digital Program module to reduce major printing cost and easily adjust content in real-time (no re-printing required).

Sell Physical Programs ad Graduation Memorabilia to Graduates & Families with In-Platform Sales or Link-Out to Your Campus Store

Receive Donations Towards Campus Initiatives & Gather Feedback on Graduation Events + Campus Initiatives

Provide Map Directions to Graduation Attendees and Incident Reporting to Solve Incidents in 3 Taps.

Provide AR Filters to Graduates & Family Members to Share their Big Day while Providing Easy Access to Alumni Resources to New Graduates

GraduAte With Digital Seat

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Frequently Asked Questions

and hidden!

Our platform leverages QR codes to provide various engaging modules like micro-games, AR filters, enter-to-win contests, and more, without requiring any downloads. We also offer a real-time data collection and export dashboard for clients.

Users can access almost all modules creating an account unless account creation is requested . Some features might require user information or data collection such as participating in contests.

Clients can collect user interaction data, demographic information, contest entries, and more, all in real time. They can export this data for analysis in various formats.

Our pricing varies depending on the modules and features clients require. We offer flexible pricing plans to accommodate different needs.

There are no strict limits on the number of QR codes, but we offer scalable solutions to accommodate large-scale campaigns.

Yes, our platform is accessible from any device with a web browser, including both Android and iOS smartphones.

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