2023 Sports Tech Award Nomination

Digital Seat Media, the leader in qr-code fan engagement technology, has been nominated for the Best in Fan Experience award at the 2023 Sports Tech Awards. The company’s innovative QR-code platform includes the ability to increase fan engagement, integrate sponsors, and empower sports venues to succeed.

Digital Seat Media’s platform includes a wide range of modules designed to enhance the fan experience at sporting events such as live stats, in-seat concessions and merch, AR filters, micro-games, “enter-to-win”s, and more! Their unique technology allows fans to access exclusive content and promotions, participate in interactive games and competitions, and share their experiences on social media.

The platform also features a sponsor integration module, which allows brands to reach fans directly through targeted marketing campaigns. By using the platform, sponsors can connect with fans in real-time, driving brand awareness and increasing sales.

Digital Seat Media’s platform has been praised for its ability to empower venues to succeed. The company’s analytics and reporting modules provide valuable insights into fan behavior and preferences, enabling venues to optimize their operations and improve the overall fan experience.

“We’re thrilled to be nominated for the Best in Fan Experience award,” said Digital Seat Media CEO, Cameron Fowler. “Our platform is designed to connect fans, sponsors, and venues in new and innovative ways, and we’re proud to be recognized for our efforts.”

The Sports Tech Awards is an achievement that celebrates the organizations, teams, and individuals who have made a significant impact on the sports industry.

Digital Seat Media’s nomination is a testament to the company’s commitment to innovation and excellence in the sports industry. With its cutting-edge platform and focus on fan engagement, the company is well-positioned to continue its success in the years ahead.

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