Incident Reporting

Fans can Report Problems in under 30 seconds through the Digital Seat platform.

Fan incident reporting can be a pain point for most venues. From not knowing where a fan is located in a venue, to being unable to send a text message…

When safety is on the line, every minute matters. The Digital Seat incident reporting platform allows fans to simply scan their seat tag and instantly report any type of issue they may have. Venue operations teams immediately know where the fan is located using individually encoded Digital Seat tags, which cuts down on response time by as much as 35%.

Simple & Fast Reporting

1. Scan QR code

2. Tap Module

3. Report Issue

Effectively Solve the Problems which Matter Most.


The Incident Reporting Platform Allow Stadium Staff to Instantly Receive Incident Reports from Fans, which Provides a Safer Environment for All Fans and Staff.


Tags are Programmed Down to the Individual Seat which means Stadium Operation Teams Know Exactly where an Incident is being Reported from.


The event logging back-end provides real-time metrics and reporting so campus administrators have accurate and historical incident reporting data.

Incident Reporting Dashboard at a Glance.
  • Report Real-Time Incidents in the Following Categories:
    • Security Issues
    • Medical Emergencies
    • Lost and Found
    • General Questions
  • See Incident Details to Help Fast, Effectively, and Efficiently
    • Time Stamp
    • Priority Assignment
    • Location
    • Incident Description
    • Status Reporting
    • Manage + Assign Responders in Real-Time

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